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  now available to everyone 

what's new ?

Upcoming launch of our website, giving online access to the first version of our Miki application. Our application will be available in English or French

what we offer 

 Miki-alpha, an application that lets you easily operate your computer by voice, mouse and keyboard.

recent projets

With Miki, you can now dictate text confidentially into the Miki app or in external applications, in several languages.

the reasons to choose us 


simplicity - execution speed - organisation - fun  

intelligent solutions 

App will soon be available online 

Our Miki-alpha application runs on Windows 10 or 11 . It allows you to perform tasks such as:

- Receive and forward e-mails
- Manage your contact information
- Consult weather forecasts
- Read the news
- Read documents aloud
- Translate words and phrases in multiple languages

  And much more


by voice, very simply .